TAP-AV-1004 is a converter box which can switch four different signals into HDMI output signal. The input sources include VGA+3.5mm, mini DisplayPort, HDMI signals, and USB-C. This model has source auto-detect function. It can automatically detect and display the last input signal source. User can also manually switch to the signal source they want by pressing the button. TAP-AV-1004 is lightweight and it’s HDMI output resolution is up to 4K2K@60H. This is a very simple device that can switch different input sources into HDMI output signal.

aegis’ TAP-AV-1004 is a 4 inputs to HDMI Converter Box allows 4 different sources, Analog video & audio, VGA+3.5mm audio, mini Displayport & HDMI signal & USB-C in input and convert to HDMI signal output. This model has source auto detect function, so the user can switch the input source without press the button. The HDMI output resolution can up to 4K2K@60. This converter box is very convenient for user to have different audio/video devices to connect their TV/Monitor with HDMI port

4KCHANGER series product options:
  • Allow 4 different source, Analog Audio & Video, VGA+3.5mm audio, mini Displayport and HDMI input and convert HDMI output.
  • Source auto detect function
  • Support HDMI output up to 4K2K@60Hz.

TAP-AV-1004 spec.

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