Q & A

1. 4KPROIP(AV over IP)

Q1.1 : What cable requirements in 4KPROIP system?

Ans: You would need HDMI and Cat.6 or Fiber cables in the system. The HDMI cables are used in connection between AV sources to Encoders and Decoders to Display TV.  The Cat.6 or Fiber cables are in used to connect between Encoders, Decoders, Control Software and Switch.

Q1.2 : Does it require the API control box in the point to point scenario ?

Ans: No need the API control box in one to one scenario. However, 4KPROIP ( AV over IP) solution is designed for many to many applications that are the best to perform its value.  Therefore, we would suggest to use simpler solution for one to one application.

Q1.3 : In the 4KPROIP system, what is the farthest distances that the network cable transmit to? How about Fiber optic cable?

Ans: The RJ46 Cat.6 transmission distance is 100M and fiber optic cable is 20KM each.

Q1.4 : How to determine the use quantity of Encoder and Decoder?

Ans: An AV source requires an Encoder and a display device needs a Decoder. Therefore, the quantity of Encoder and Decoder required in the system depends on the number of AV sources and displays. It gives a flexibility and scalability of the system.

Q1.5 : What is 4KPROIP’s IC Chip?

Ans: Aptovision.

Q1.6 : What is the bandwidth for 4K/60hz in the 4KPROIP system?

Ans: The bandwidth of 4K/60hz 4:4:4 is about 9Gb in our system.

Q1.7 : Do the USB ports in your Encoder and Decoder have power charging function?

Ans: No, the USB ports in both Encoder and Decoder don’t have power charging function.  The function of USB-B type in the Encoder is to transmit the AV data from computer devise and the 3 USB ports in Decoder are for keyboard, mouse and data reading.

Q1.8 : What is the use of 1G port in the encoder and decoder?

Ans: The 1G port on the machine is for plugging in control interface device such as notebook, so it gives the flexibility to perform controlling in locations.

Q1.9 : Does 4KPROIP have PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

A: No.

Q1.10: What is the latency of your 4KPROIP?

Ans:  The latency between a signal enters the encoder and then emerges from the decoder is about for  1-2 frames。There can be slight addition to latency measurements when the latency added by a display itself is considered.

Q1.11: How do multiple video sources with different resolutions operate and display on a TV? Meaning how the different resolution calculates and distributes to one signal TV display?

Ans: In Matrix and Video Wall modes, there is no calculation in video compression .  However, in Multiview mode, it may perform the resolution calculation for compassion depends on the total resolutions transmit from AV sources to a display. The maximum bandwidth for a single port of switch is 10Gigabit. Therefore, when total resolutions from different AV sources is exceed 10G, it will perform the calculation and evenly distribute to the display.

2. 4KCHANGER (Table Connectivity Box)

Q2.1: When 4 input sources are plugged into 4KCHANGER, which one will be auto-detected?

Ans: The automatic source detection will detect the LAST insert input source.  For an example: the first inserted input source is HDMI, the second inserted input source is Type-C (USB3.1), then the audio and video of Type-C will be displayed automatically. To display other input sources, press "Select" button to switch

Q2.2: Any cable specification requirement or restriction to use in 4KCHANGER?

Ans:  For HDMI cable : please do use certificated and high quality of HDMI cable such as HDMI 2.0 premium for 4KCHANGER. The design of 4KCHANGER series is to deliver up to 4K/60hz resolution, and poor quality of HDMI cable may cause signal transmission failure.

As for VGA cable: please make sure the VGA cable is full pin with 5V power (9th pin) as it is the auto-detection source.

Q2.3: What is the problem when plug in “Type C” as a source and no image show up on a screen?

Ans: (a) First of all, please check plug in the “type-C in”port not 5V charger Type-C port. (b) Secondly, please do check your Type C cable does support AV transmission. Most Type C cable support power charger and regular data transmission but not AV transmission. (c) Last, the length of Type-C cable cannot exceed 1M and too thin cable may also cause transmission problem.

Q2.4 : Can “USB-C 5V charger” perform AV data transmission?

Ans: No, the ports in “5V charger”are only for power charging, no transmission function.

Q2.5: What I should do when no image shows up on my monitor or display device?

Ans:  Please check the cable specification as above stated in Q2 ~Q3, and also check plug in the right sections as stated in above Q3~Q4 . Other than that, please refer to user-manual or consult your local distributor.

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